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Metabolism The Simplest Manner to Store Potatoes


Metabolism The Simplest Manner to Store Potatoes

You know potatoes will keep the longest when stored in a cool, dark place—specifically somewhere that’s around 50° F. So just toss them down in your root cellar and call it a day. But I don’t have a root cellar—do you? In case, like most people, you don’t have a root cellar, here are the…

Metabolism The Simplest Manner to Store Potatoes


You know potatoes will back the longest when saved in a groovy, darkish jam—specifically somewhere that is spherical 50° F. So correct toss them down to your root cellar and phone it a day. However I fetch no longer fill a root cellar—fetch you?

In case, esteem most folk, you fetch no longer fill a root cellar, here are the four most efficient guidelines for how to retailer potatoes and construct them most keen:

Metabolism 1. Attend Them Out of the Sunlight

Don’t retailer potatoes out in the initiating on the countertop. Attend them in a drawer, in a basket, in a closet, in a paper get hang of, or in a bamboo vegetable steamer—any place that is darkish.

Metabolism 2. Fetch Definite They Composed Possess Airflow

Both switch your potatoes to every other extra ventilated container or whenever you back them in the plastic get hang of they came in, be obvious it’s well-perforated and the end will not be genuinely tightly sealed.

Metabolism 3. Don’t Store Them Next to Your Onions

It’s tempting to toss each your potatoes and onions together in a basket to your pantry and be performed with it—in spite of every thing, they each need to be saved most regularly the an identical manner. However resist temptation, because maintaining them together might construct your potatoes sprout sooner and taste extra esteem onions.

Metabolism 4. Steer sure of Heat Spots

Even whenever you fetch no longer fill a cooler storage jam than your kitchen, take care to have a ways from the warmest spots in the room: Don’t retailer your potatoes next to the oven or under the sink.

When warmer than their very most keen storage temperature, potatoes will initiating to sprout, but chillier isn’t basically better either. In On Food and Cooking, Harold McGee explains that when kept at chillier temperatures (i.e. your fridge), “their metabolism shifts in a stylish manner that finally ends up in the breakdown of some starch to sugars.” This form potatoes saved in the fridge will taste sweeter over time, and when cooked they’re extra at possibility of reach out an unappetizing coloration of brown.

Now that you just may very well be a skilled at storing potatoes, check up on just a few of our well-liked recipes under. 

Metabolism Our 5 Well-liked Potato Recipes

1. Homemade Potato Chips

The next time you can like that exquisite, salty crunch of a potato chip, whip up a homemade batch the utilization of this tried-and-right recipe.

2. The Simplest Pan-Roasted Potatoes

If over 70 gentle opinions are any indication, here’s basically the most keen darn pan-roasted potatoes recipe on the market—and it be extra straightforward, to boot.

3. Diane Morgan’s Classic Mashed Potatoes

Whether you may very well be knowledge superhighway internet jam hosting Thanksgiving, a holiday celebration, a immense dinner with mates, or correct prefer one thing creamy and comforting focused on yourself, these traditional mashed potatoes are what you are going to fill to construct.

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4. Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake

Save your knife skills to work on this hasselback potato skillet bake, which has all of the crispy edges and crackly potato skin you may ever dream of.

5. Garlicky Roasted Potato Salad

A summer season staple, this contest-winning roasted potato salad is packed with punchy garlicky flavor, moreover to lemon juice and Dijon mustard.

What are your most efficient guidelines for storing potatoes? Repeat us in the comments under!

This recipe has been updated by the Food52 editors in 2019 to consist of tasty unique potato recipes.

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